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California man seeks Ukrainian/Russian lady to share exciting, interesting, rewarding, passionate and growth oriented life with!

Username: jackpearson78

Country: United States

City: Rescue - California

Date of Birth: 3rd-October-1959

Age: 61

Height: 5 feet 7 inches/170cm

Weight: 170 lbs (77.1 kg)

More About Me

Self Description and Interests
I am a 46 year young man who lives about 30 miles northeast from the city of Sacramento, California up in the rolling foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. I would have to describe myself as good-looking, with very short blonde hair and a very "fair" complexion. My skin is excellent as I have used pure aloe vera gel for the past 28 years of shaving my face and as a result I look much, much younger than my age. I am very athletic and have strong powerful arms and legs. I stand 5' 7" so you could call me short, but stocky. I have lots of energy and if I were a dog, I would be a Jack Russell Terrier without a doubt! I am 200% spiritual and believe in a power greater than ourselves, but do not believe in churches or religion anymore. I have very blue eyes that sometimes change to hazel. I have good teeth and have a smile on my face most of the time. I love to laugh and love to make those around me laugh. I can be serious, but I like to be "loose" most of the time. You can always tell what is up with me just by looking at me as I don't and can't keep my feelings inside of me and I definetely wear my heart on my sleeve. I have a 33 inch waist and have a very nice body. I am honest, sincere, educated and ever learning, I am faithful, funny, silly always looking to get the laugh. I am very clean-cut and keep my house very neat and tidy. I am a good cook, will not live anywhere without my jacuzzi spa and believe in having as much fun and love as possible. I love life and living it. I am a manager in the automobile business and am one of the best teachers/trainers in the industry so my future is secure. I make an excellent wage and believe that dreams can come true if you want them bad enough and are willing to work for them. (you are my dream - my love!) I have been separated from my soon to be ex-wife off and on for the past 1 1/2 years and our divorce should be final in the coming months. I do not blame or have any bad wishes for her. It is a very, very, very long story that I will certainly tell you later when we are serious, but the short of it is I was a single dad with 2 young boys who had been without a womans influence for almost 2 years before her. I knew it was a mistake for us to get married, and I told her this before we married, but went ahead due to circumstances and was regretful as well as miserable until our mutually agreed upon divorce after 8 years. I tried too many times and for far too long to try and make it work until I realized I did not want to wake up in 10 more years to the same unhappy situation and the feelings of loneliness/emptiness and that out there somewhere there was someone waiting for me that was my other half. I have written a business plan and it is my dream to open our own family-run automobile dealership here in the local community. I am virtually ready to go to the bank for the business loan approval and so this IS going to happen very soon and I would very much love to build this dream together!
Passion, interests and hobbies
I love to sing "Rock and Roll" songs and have preformed for many people, many times with no thrown tomato's so far. I attend many concerts every year and enjoy traveling as well as a good "adventure". I love gardening, landscaping and I can repair/design/build most anything inside/outside of a home to the highest level of quality. I used to be a professional golfer and still play in occasional tournaments. I am a seeker of the truth and value honesty (especially within yourself). I am always trying to grow as a human being, am a philosopher at heart and try to have love in my heart, words and actions on a daily basis. I very much like to kiss, hug, touch, cuddle and am very affectionate as well as romantic. I like to surprise you with flowers when you least expect it and will never let you get bored! I promise! I am open to new ways and ideas, but am also wise enough to know if something is producing the results you want - why change it! I am also a positive thinker and believe the best in my life is yet to come! (YOU!) I pretty much love life and I cannot wait to meet and fall in love with you!
Type of women seeking
I came to this web site because I have met some women here in California through my job who were from Ukraine/Russia region and had married guys from California and I was enchanted by how beautiful they were physically, but even more impressed by how beautiful they were on the inside. I could not believe how they were so nice, classy, compassionate, supportive of their husbands and so womanly and sexy! I was jealous! I need a woman who will devote herself to me as I will for her. I have never had this. I want someone who wants to take care of me and the family in the home (I am her partner/helper of course) and is happy and prideful of this as well as appreciating and respecting how hard I work to provide for and protect our family. We shall have everything we want, need and desire! I want someone who wants to be almost inseparable with me. We shall be as close as 2 human beings could possibly be. I want someone to share my everything and every thought with. It shall be us against the world! We shall be the best of friends. She needs to be very affectionate and like to receive affection back. Someone who is warm, gentle and caring and likes adventure, challenge and acheivement. Someone who will work beside me outside the home sometimes as I will work beside you inside the home. Someone who will enjoy and value my singing enough to allow me to sing to you with all my passion and feel your love back as you know I mean these words to you with all my heart and love. Someone who would play some sports with me or allow me to teach them how to play golf so we can do that together as well. Somebody for whom I am their everything and they are mine! I will keep trying, which is what I do in all areas of my life. Are you out there? I have just received my passport and contacted the airlines for the cost of travel to Ukraine. I am planning on flying to Kiev in early March and will stay for about 2 weeks, so I am very serious about finding my friend/wife/partner/lover and lifetime copanion. If you are serious, send me an email and let me know.
170 lbs (77.1 kg)
Relationship Status
I'll tell you later
Have Children
Children sometimes at home
Children's Description:
4 year old boy Michael and a 6 year old girl desiree who live with me 50% of the time
My Ethnicity
Eye Color
Hair Color
Some college
Not religious
Drinking Habit
Do not drink
Smoking Habit
Occasional smoker
Want children