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Walking Fe ! Pero un ojo está abierto para un amiga! Y tu? ; )

Username: Ernesto3

Country: United States

City: Tampa - Florida

Date of Birth: 23rd-March-1957

Age: 64

Height: 5 feet 9 inches/175cm

Weight: 190 lbs (86.2 kg)

More About Me

Self Description and Interests
I am an extrovert and enjoy loud laughter! I am still appropriately serious, I mean what I say, I also enjoy some privacy my home is a place of refuge. Balance is important, so I love friends and sharing time with them too, but I want to give time to those important to my life first. God is always first, I know my priorities...but could use help sometimes to keep them in focus. I am open and speak my mind... I let people know what I think. I do not hold much back. I want to know things deeply, and be treated same way too. Especially those closest to me. I am very involved in church and I believe God is there to enjoy Him! His word proves He wants that from us forever! It is Him I must imitate (Eph5:1)That I may truly love a woman as she deserves to be we are by Christ, And as woman was designed to be loved by a man as an example of Christ loving His bride. I like to travel and probably will for God too. Places,and owning things not as important as people and relationships enjoyed with God! I have had much and lost much but God remains forever faithful, I am faithful. I am a touch and words love language oriented person. Appropriately of course. I speak a little Spanish understand more, and use translation sites to help me learn...but I once worked in Mexico years ago with a missionary...I can be taught...are you patient? Oh and Yes I can be romantic in all the right ways...I can send flowers, or write you a poem, I could cook food to serve you alone. I can make excuses but that is not love, according to the word of our God above. Better to make plans and buy you a surprise dress to wear, but nothing can take precedent over honest loving care...Oh and yes I have eyes that don't wander, and no opportunity to kiss will I ever squander. Sorry but it rhymes in English. ;)
Passion, interests and hobbies
I love God, I love my children,and most all children. I love warm places and beaches, or a cruise. As extrovert and salesman most of my life, I enjoy people and like to study the one I am with the most. i want to have someone that believes they are there not to change me but enhance me as I hope I may do for their life. I hope to obtain a Doctor of Theology degree in couple more years. All education makes us more use able for serving God and others, and is important attribute I look for. Learning new things keeps us fully alive, more fun and passionate about life and I think each other!
Type of women seeking
Looking for self confident and faithful, who sees the beauty she was designed with, and loves to laugh, and receives her strength from an inner joy. Who enjoys all she was designed to be, and can walk as a helper while being adored, and honored for all she was created to be and offer to help her grow as she helps me, friends sharpen friends...see Prov27:17 Someone who likes beaches, pools,BBQ's, and seafood, diving?...walks hand in hand, or arm in arm. Can you be a friend first? So that as lovers learn to compromise, they stay as friends near their heart even if briefly apart? Can you share the reflection in each others eyes, or maybe kisses in the moon light or quite conversation over a glass of wine? And someday maybe more? Is your path near mine, or going the same direction as my plan to walk in? See Eph 2:10! Do you know who you are in Jesus Christ, and are you submitted to Him always first?...Only God really makes you happy and I believe He will gives us those that help experience Him more! Dios le bendiga amiga... Su Amigo? (Please no one under 40 years old try to contact me...I know what I desire.)
190 lbs (86.2 kg)
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one teen hm. graduating soon.
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Self Employed
Drinking Habit
Do not drink
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Do not smoke
English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese
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